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Trade Crypto Bot Review

An Introduction

Have you received emails promoting this new trading tool called Trade Crypto Bot? If you have already heard of this software and are considering using it, we urge you to read our review first.

Many traders have been victimized as a result of using this software. We want you to know that Trade Crypto Bot is responsible for defrauding countless innocent traders who were looking for a way to achieve financial success through online trading.

In this detailed review, we have exposed how these crooks operate to steal your funds. We are going to shed some light on why they are risky to use, so continue reading and protect yourself from becoming their next victim.

What is Trade Crypto Bot?

Trade Crypto Bot has been released as a trading system focused on the digital currency markets. Allegedly, it allows you to trade a variety of digital coins and earn up to $500 in returns on a daily basis.

As claimed on their homepage, the software is cloud based and it utilizes the latest technology to analyse the financial markets. The algorithm it incorporates is sophisticated and enables it to make correct predictions almost every time.

But is it really possible that a good trading software can be availed for free? Doesn’t this offer sound too good to be true considering that you can make over $500 every day absolutely free of cost?

Let us confirm that so far no one has seen any kind of positive results with Trade Crypto Bot. Instead of assisting traders with their trade related decisions, this software has deceived them by executing losing trades from their accounts. Considerable amounts of investment funds have been lost by numerous traders who made the mistake of trusting this trading tool.

We can say that Trade Crypto Bot doesn’t have the characteristics of a reliable trading tool. It is a failure and it has been designed to trick you into giving your investment capital to them.


Trade Crypto Bot – How It Works?

Allegedly, this software will trade all the major digital currencies that are currently available on the market. The software is generic, but it is being marketed as highly advanced and sophisticated.

The vendors haven’t mentioned anything about the technology or algorithm that this system makes use of. They haven’t provided any explanation or logical reasoning behind its operation or how it manages to generate winning signals almost 100% of the time.

We are only being fed with lies about how accurate and reliable the trading tool is. But, we have no information about what makes it special.

The truth is that Trade Crypto Bot is not a genuine trading tool. It is run by a network of affiliates who have set up a website to market the product. Their aim is to attract as many depositors as possible for their affiliated broker who pays them commission for referrals.

If you want to get started with them, you will have to deposit between $250 and $1500. They offer demo trading so they can prove to you how well their software actually works. but their demo functions are rigged and no matter what you do, you will always get positive results when trading in a simulated environment. However, the scene changes as you enter live trading. The results turn upside down and regardless of how much you invest, you will only see funds depleting from your account and not accumulating.

This is a clever trick played by the team to move your funds permanently from your account into theirs. They have fooled many new traders and you could be an easy target for them if you fall for their words.

Trade Crypto Bot: Scam Investigation

After analysing this system thoroughly, we are of the opinion that it is a dangerous scam. These people have even set up fake review sites to make their product appear genuine and profitable. They have employed aggressive marketing tactics to scam countless individuals.

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We looked through forums and blogs and we found numerous complaints and negative comments about them. Traders who made the mistake of using their services have shared their experiences about how terrible Trade Crypto Bot and their affiliated brokers are. Some even suggest that Trade Crypto Bot is a rebranded software, something that we also believe in.

According to our team of investigators, this software is a duplicate of an old scam and this is why it is possible for them to offer it for free. Since it doesn’t have any good features or characteristics, it cannot optimize trading results in any way. They even manipulate their demo accounts to fool innocent traders.


No trader would want their deposits to get stolen by some crook affiliate marketers. This kind of experience can be extremely distressing and hurtful. We want you to avoid becoming victims to online scams and this is the reason we keep updating you about the new scams that enter the market.

Trade Crypto Bot is an unregulated trading software that works with notorious brokers. The software offers zero transparency, a lot of exaggerated claims, fake testimonials and a rigged demo account. There is nothing genuine about it and no matter how hard you try or how much you invest, you will be the one at the losing end. So the best thing you can do is avoid it right from the start and you will save yourself from a lousy internet scam.

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