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XBT News Trader Review


The idea of generating massive returns from online investments and that too by utilizing the service of a trading system sounds appealing. But is it really possible?

Recently, a trading software named XBT News Trader was released to the public. It claims to scour the internet for the latest digital currency related news and make predictions about the price movement of assets.

We performed an in-depth investigation into XBT News Trader and we have found it to be a scam. Through this review, we aim to warn innocent traders about the dangers of using this system. Continue reading and learn the disgusting truth about XBT News Trader.

What is XBT News Trader?

Before you even consider using this system, it is important for you to know what you are dealing with here. XBT News Traders is an absolutely free app which claims to track global news feeds and predicts the trends in prices of digital assets such as Bitcoins before it sends alerts to its users. The software supposedly analyses huge volumes of data and at the backend it has also a team of professionals who decide which piece of data is worth taking action on. So based on the data that is collected by the software and analysis carried out by the experts, traders get notification on how to trade, what to trade and when it is the best time to trade.


According to various claims, the software is extremely precise with its calculations and analysis. By giving traders access to the latest news which can have an impact on the prices of digital assets, XBT News Trader supposedly gives traders an edge in trading. Basically, it helps traders make the right decisions and generate massive returns from their investments.

But the problem with this trading solution is that there is no information available on the experts that make up their team. There is also no evidence available to prove their claims.

How Does XBT News Trader Work?

From the information posted on their website, XBT News Trader harnesses the power of news reports and searches for relevant news sources. They say that their software is programmed with advanced algorithm which determines the kind of impact the news will have on the price of digital currencies. Once, it assesses the pros and the cons, it produces signals which are then sent to traders. based on the alert received, traders can execute trades and amplify their earnings.

Trending news can help traders make trading related decisions, provided that it has an impact on the market’s price movements. But we don’t think XBT News Traders is capable of identifying the sources of relevant news and predicting the direction in which the price will move. This bogus software doesn’t have the features or algorithms which can enhance its capabilities for producing accurate signals.

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The claims and statements made on their website are false and we can say this based on the feedback we have received from ordinary users of this app. This app doesn’t work in a manner that is favourable for its users. Instead of providing useful information, it simply forces traders to register with a shady broker. If traders don’t suspect their intentions and complete the registration process, they are asked for a deposit which they won’t return under any circumstances.

Traders are tricked into adding funds with them, after which they gain access to this fraudulent software which makes them execute losing trades and depletes their accounts. Trusting XBT News Traders can prove to be a grave mistake because no matter how skilled or careful you are with your trades, you will not stand a chance to win against the broker. remember, their only intention is to get their hands on your investment funds.

Good to Know:

Do you really think someone will offer an incredible trading solution for free? When someone claims to be doing so, just know that they are fake and could possibly be attempting to scam you. Always stay away from offers that sound too good to be true.

XBT News Trader Is Not A Reliable Option

There are just two things we would like to highlight here. First of all, XBT News Trader operates in an illegal manner. To give any kind of investment related advice, the company needs to be regulated, but in the case of XBT News Trader, we did not come across any licenses that suggests that they are running a legitimate service.

Perhaps, this is the reason they have chosen to remain anonymous. When they don’t reveal their identities, they can easily escape legal troubles for stealing others funds.

The second thing is that nothing about their presentation video is true. they are providing false information throughout. At one point during their presentation, you will see a group of people holding the XBT News Trader logo. Don’t be mistaken that it is their team. The footage has actually been taken from a stock video and the logo has been changed to represent their product. When we did a Google search, we found that the same footage has been used for numerous other projects. It clearly shows what kind of liars are running this program. It also proves that the entire program is fake and meant to deceive innocent traders.


We don’t have any reason to recommend XBT News Trader to anyone. In fact, we want to warn traders against signing up for it because it is a dirty scam which has been designed to trick traders into depositing funds with bad brokers.

Jamie Portiss

My name is Jamie Portiss. Let me tell a little bit more about myself. I am a Financial Analyst by profession. Having worked my entire life in the financial services sector, I have managed to build a solid investment portfolio. It all began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and right after graduating from university, I began working as a Junior Financial Analyst at a startup company, dealing with financial solutions. I want to bestow our know-how and understanding of the virtual markets (the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin trading, and Altcoin investment spheres, in particular) with users. All that it takes is to do it the right way!

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  1. XBT News Trader System is nothing impressive. I signed-up tested its features but there was nothing worth the time and the investment. It does not analyze actual news. This is just a trick to draw in more clients. The crypto trading solution acquires only dimes and not the promised returns

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