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June 2018

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Disclosure: Trading Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs or Commodities involves risks and it is not suitable for everyone. This type of trading involves a substantial risk of losing the invested funds.
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Success starts after you make the first step. This first step is to understand what crypto trading is. You need to know at least the fundamental principles of how it works and what is so attractive about it. Crypto trading has everything to do with the infamous cryptocurrencies we’ve all heard of. Its popularity grew rapidly after 2009 when the first cryptocurrency got decentralized – BitCoins.

Cryptocurrency trading is very attractive for investors because this is a field that is gaining more and more popularity. Depending on your investment the returns may vary. Get the basics about crypto trading and you will have the chance to join the successful traders.

What is Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto who is a software developer, allegedly created Bitcoin which later became the most popular cryptocurrency on the market. The main idea of the programmer was to invent and independent currency, related to no authority and electronically transferable. One of the advantages it has is that it is almost immediately transferred with very low transaction fees.

No one controls the movement and the development of Bitcoin. This is why, according to some recent financial reports and market analysis this is the very first example of a growing category of money in the form of cryptocurrency. It can buy different goods electronically which makes it similar to conventional currencies however, unlike them Bitcoin is a decentralized currency.

What Is Cryptocurrency Used For?

It is absolutely normal and logical that most of the people can see the great value in money free from government control and banks’ fees. They are also satisfied with the anonymity these currencies provide in private transaction which means that they are very secure and safe to use. This is due to the fact that the conducted transactions cannot be faked or reversed. Finally, the fact that these currencies are decentralized means that anyone could get access to them.

Most of the people who are dealing with cryptocurrencies use them to make payments and purchases without an intermediary. Also, they do not have physical alternative unlike normal currencies so they are easier to trade with.

Of course, the fact that this type of currency is quite new, it is still not widely used however there are some particular fields people prefer to use it:

  • for trading
  • for investments on the exchange market
  • for monetary transactions
  • as a payment for various services and products that already accept cryptocurrencies as a method for payment.

As you can see, the popularity and the use of cryptocurrency is becoming more and more expanded therefore we should find more ways to use it in the future.

How to Trade Bitcoins?

To start with, we would like to inform you that knowing exactly what you are trading with is of utmost importance when you place your transactions. This is why, every trader who decides to get involved with Bitcoin trading should at least learn that this is not only the first but also the most popular cryptocurrency that has been invented and presented to the public. So, when you decide to start trading with Bitcoin you should rely on authentic and accurate technical analyses in order to predict with maximum punctuality its price movement in the near future. This is why you are supposed to strictly follow a variety of factors that could influence the price movements.

Did You Know?

Many people choose to use some professional and highly-advanced crypto-trading platforms which are able to automatically place trades on behalf of the end users. Most of the available robots offer a vast array of useful features and additional services that ensure a profitable online investment experience.

What Is the Hottest Coin to Invest In?

There are many available cryptocurrencies at the moment as their popularity is also constantly increasing. Statistic show that more than 900 different crypto exchanges are readily accessible on the Internet right now. Even more are in developing stages.

A market cap comparison shows that Bitcoin is the biggest of the block-chain networks. The second is called Ethereum. You should know that pointing the best and most profitable cryptocurrency on the market would be a really difficult task. All of the available crypto exchanges have different prices. One could say that the industry is more than dynamic. Bitcoin’s leadership may not last forever, as Ethereum is quickly gaining momentum.

Users should not proceed hastily without exploring all the possible opportunities. They should keep in mind that there is a wide range of currently available cryptocurrencies as each one of them has its own advantages.

Bitcoin Market Cap is …

The set Bitcoin terminology is not easy to comprehend if you are completely new to the sphere.  We recommend to our readers to start learning the basics as quickly as possible in order to gain more knowledge and proficiency in this field of crypto trading transactions.

The coin value of a single Bitcoin represents its current market value. Another way to describe the Bitcoin Market Cap term is to relate it to capitalization of the market. The percentages can be anywhere from 0% to 90% and it marks the current value of the particular cryptocurrency.

It is also used to give access to trustworthy information about the present leader on the market (which cryptocurrency is most mined for and how many users operate with it). Bitcoins were invented more than a decade ago and has been used as an undisputed market leader with a current 80% share. The situation drastically changed with the emergence of other crypto exchanges such as Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

What is Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Since we have already pointed some of the other available cryptocurrencies in the virtual space, we should provide you with some more detailed information about one of them – Ethereum. Also, we are going to explain to you why it is easy to make a difference between it and Bitcoin.

Ethereum is actually the cryptocurrency that managed to reduce the power and the monopoly of Bitcoin like no other before it. Statistics show that the latter had to deal with a lot of criticism regarding its data safety and security politics.

This allowed Ethereum to fill in the existing gap and achieved success. Traders and users from all over the world embraced this crypto mining tool and the secure transactions it provides. It also offers yielding of contracts and access to more E-wallets.

Another interesting characteristic of Ethereum is the shorter length of the block period which could also be adjusted further to offer easier confirmations. In addition, users are able to access this cryptocurrency easier. One more key difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that that over 2/3 of the first have been exhausted and the latter is fresh on the market and more accessible.

Traders can also finance their own projects via Ethereum’s personal fund-raising opportunities. Many people believe that this cryptocurrency is the Kickstarter of crypto robots. It is innovative and offers various features in the sphere of online business. This is why Ethereum begins to take a large piece of the pie that previously belonged to Bitcoin.

What is Difference Between a Broker and Exchanges?

One could say that the crypto mining market was started not long ago. It has been just over a decade since it gained its momentum. This is why the interest in its development is sky-rocketing, even though it is a digitally-based currency. The main advantage here is that people are able to use it in order to increase their income.

The ever-growing group of online traders, even if they do not have deeper understanding of how crypto robots work, still need a lot of information. For example, they should be able to make a difference between a crypto exchange and crypto broker.

Let’s try and make the answer as easy-to-understand as possible. Crypto exchanges are basically digital platforms which traders can use in order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies freely.

The first thing that users should do when they wonder if a particular crypto robot is a scam or legit, is to find out whether it has a genuine and authentic coins’ database in cold storage. This would mean that the platform has actives with stable liquidity. Another way to get informed about the authenticity of a certain robot is to read the available reviews from the Internet.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

People who mine for cryptocurrencies are the main responsible ones for the existence of this market sector because they provide the solutions to complex equations. They also act as validation agents as all the conducted transactions meet approval by them. Miners should have a mutual agreement between each other to let a specific blockchain to continue with its operation. This is referred to as a consensus.

Forks appear when there is a non-consensus but they are quite rare. This is what makes crypto mining reliable. Another strong feature is its independence from regular currency exchanges. It makes the people free from any problems which are frequently met in the traditional society’s functioning.